wedding stationery Designer & Portrait Photographer Living With the Goal
of Displaying the beauty & glory of god.

My name is Jenna Jordan, and I am a believer, wife, and mama living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Before I became Mrs. Jordan, my full name was Jenna Leigh Moore. "Jenna Leigh" is not to be mistaken for "General Leigh," which my grandfather thought my parents had named me when they called him from the hospital when I was born. Much to his relief that was not the case, yet somehow I still grew up being called "The General." I'm not sure if it was his nickname or a severe case of the first-born child syndrome, but I have always been a leader. I am a person who takes charge and works at any task before me with my whole heart. As I've grown as a leader however, my eyes have been opened to the realization that I am also a follower...
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