Hello! My name is Jenna Jordan, and I am a believer, wife, and mama living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Before I became Mrs. Jordan, my full name was Jenna Leigh Moore. "Jenna Leigh" is not to be mistaken for "General Leigh," which my grandfather thought my parents had named me when they called him from the hospital when I was born. Much to his relief that was not the case, yet somehow I still grew up being called "The General." I'm not sure if it was his nickname or a severe case of the first-born child syndrome, but I have always been a leader. I am a person who takes charge and works at any task before me with my whole heart. As I've grown as a leader however, my eyes have been opened to the realization that I am also a follower. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I follow Him as my Father and my Savior, and He has blessed me with true joy and passion in this life.

One of the biggest passions and gifts He's blessed me with is that of design. I believe in the power of design and visual art to communicate, excite and ignite change, and it's this belief that led me to create Jenna Jordan Design. It is my hope that through creating I will be able to serve others, inspire others and point to something greater. Ultimately, I hope that anything I create will point to the beauty, love and glory of our Creator. 

Sweet Thoughts From Clients

  • Working with Jenna is an absolute pleasure. Not only is she incredibly talented with the camera, she is also so gifted in working with kids and making them laugh and putting them at ease. She would absolutely take all the time we needed or wanted in a photo shoot, but I love that she is able to capture so many wonderful shots and sweet moments in such a short time - a huge plus when little kids are involved! Our family loved our time with Jenna - she is a great artist, but also a truly wonderful person. You'll want to hang out with her all day after a shoot!
    — Julianne Dager, Family Portrait Session
  • Jenna was amazing to work with. I had a very basic idea of what I wanted for our wedding invitations. After one email to Jenna, she quickly sent me back a design of exactly what I had going through my mind but 100 times better! When she went further to later design an invitation for our rehearsal dinner, she took our original design and made it into its own- different but the same! It was perfect. My guests were so impressed with our invitations! The company she used for the invitations was also very helpful with great work; they even overnighted me another printed envelope after one was accidentally missing. Jenna was kind, professional, reliable and most importantly, crazy talented when designing our invitations. We could not be more thankful for her work!
    — Whitney Sherry, Wedding Stationery
  • Using Jenna as a photographer was the best investment to capture our memories. She is very easy to work with, and she makes you feel very comfortable. Her ability to visualize shots, command the scene and adjust to any obstacle is unmatched. The photos came out excellent even with our energetic baby! We recommend her services to anyone!
    — Shannon Loucks, Family Portrait Session
  • It was a pleasure working with Jenna Jordan on our wedding stationery. She did an amazing job coming up with original ideas and designs with very little guidance from us. She really took into consideration our taste and style and brought it to life. Jenna made it very easy to communicate with her, and she always got back to us in a timely fashion. Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Jenna, and we will continue to use her services in the future!
    — Ashley Hillebrand, Wedding Stationery
  • Our family had a fabulous experience with Jenna! She is the ideal mix of professionalism and fun, and the result was some of the best pictures we’ve ever had taken. Our busy twin toddlers had a ball, and their personalities were perfectly captured. We will treasure these photos and look forward to working with Jenna again in the future!
    — Amy Arnold, Family Portrait Session
  • Jenna designed my wedding invitations and they turned out absolutely perfect! I received countless compliments on them. She is extremely talented and asks a lot of good questions that help her turn your vision into reality! She is so sweet, and it's obvious she cares so much about what she's doing. She pays really close attention to detail and doesn't quit until the design is perfect and reflects what the customer wants. She is really quick about responding to messages and will make sure you have what you need well in advance. Jenna is one of the easiest and most pleasant people to work with, and I highly recommend her for any of your design needs!
    — Amy Laukka, Wedding Stationery