Hopper Family | Summerfield, NC

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking family pictures for the Hopper family at their incredible new farm house in Summerfield, NC. I don't really know where to begin when trying to describe the Hopper family. Andrew is the pastor of our church, Mercy Hill, and him and Anna have three beautiful and very fun kiddos: Hattie Jo, AP and Benaiah. The Hopper family has given beyond measure to Landon and I. They fearlessly led us (and thirty other people) to Greensboro, NC to plant Mercy Hill; they have loved us and encouraged us in our walks with the Lord; and Andrew married Landon and I last November. I really cannot put into words all that this family has done for our family, for Mercy Hill and most importantly, for the Kingdom. I loved getting the opportunity to take these pictures, but I was even more thankful for a sunny Saturday afternoon to spend time with the gorgeous crew you see below. I think it's clear to see the joy this family has, and Hopper family, I hope you guys know how much you are cherished and loved!