Arnold Family | Charlotte, NC

For those of you who read my previous blog post about Thanksgiving, you already know that our family had a wonderful time in Charlotte this year. However, something that made my time even more special was getting the opportunity to photograph the Arnold family the day after Thanksgiving. It's hard to put the way I feel about the Arnold family into words. Lifelong friendships are rare, but God has definitely blessed us with one through this family, and I truly cherish my relationship with them. "Miss Amy" (as my sisters and I call her) used to babysit Madison, Lacey and I when we were growing up, and now my mom watches her and her husband Greg's two girls every Friday night. Sarah Mae and Helen are 4-year-old twins who are absolutely beautiful and full of life. They remind me of my sisters when they were younger...their personalities are different from one another, but they balance each other out, and it's not hard to see that they are the absolute best of friends. We shot in the Arnold's back yard and around their neighborhood, which I loved, because the girl's were comfortable, and it made the shoot even more personal. My mom came along to make the girl's laugh, but they just kept saying, "Miss Donna, you're distracting us!" Nevertheless, she still worked her magic and came up with a few killer poses that you can see below (thanks for being my photo assistant, Mom!). I hope you can catch a bit of their joy through their photos. Some of my favorite shots are the ones where the girls are simply interacting with one another. It's the "in-between" moments that I always cherish, and I'm truly thankful for these moments with this family!