Sydney + Cody | Maternity Session

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had wonderful holiday celebrations, and I hope 2016 is starting off extremely well for you all! I rang in the new year with a brand new experience as I shot my first maternity session for two very special friends. Sydney and Cody live in Greensboro with Landon and I, and they both attend Mercy Hill Church, as well. Sydney and I actually met at UNC, and we lived together when we first moved to Greensboro after college. I've been blessed to walk through many stages of life with Sydney. We graduated; we found our first big girl jobs; we've walked through dating, engagement and marriage together (I literally saw Sydney the day she went on her first date with Cody, and now they are preparing for a little one!); we've gotten to see all the amazing things God is doing in Greensboro and around the world through our church; and I pray one day I'll follow in her footsteps and we'll be able to walk through motherhood together! God has graced me with an extremely special friend in Sydney. We laugh together, but we've also spent many nights crying together, praying together and tackling life's hardships together. We've had meltdowns sitting atop washing machines, and she's tucked me in (literally) after lengthy life chats on my bed. I've never met a friend more compassionate than Syd, and I'm so thankful to have both her and Cody in my life. You'd think we'd spend their entire photo session talking about their plans for their new baby, and though we did, they spent just as much time asking me about my life as we walked around Price Park together. Cody and Syd show me what true community looks like, and I am always so encouraged by my time together with them. It was an honor to photograph maternity photos for these two. You'll see by the photos below that they are an absolutely stunning couple both inside and out, and Sydney even made the beautiful flower crown she is wearing. I hope these photos will be a gift they can treasure as they look back on this time, and I cannot wait to meet baby Wittman soon!