Midkiff Newborn | Greensboro, NC

Sweet baby Adelaide. This little girl has a name as beautiful as she is, and I had the privilege of photographing her earlier this month. Adelaide Eve was born to Daniel and Tiffany Midkiff on February 26th, and she is truly precious. This shoot turned out to be extremely special to me. First of all, there is just something so joyful about photographing a newborn. The gift of new life points me so clearly to the Gospel, and for that I am thankful. The love that Daniel and Tiffany have for their new little one was so evident. At less than a month old, Adelaide is already fully known and fully loved by them, just as we are fully known and fully loved by our Heavenly Father. Secondly, I got to photograph Daniel and Tiffany's maternity session just a few months ago, which made their newborn shoot even more fun. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with the couple again and getting to watch them experience life as new parents. Lastly, Tiffany had an idea that was extremely unique and incredibly special. She saved a piece of fabric from her wedding dress that she used to swaddle baby Adelaide in. The photos of her beautiful bows and cute little toes are certainly details to be remembered, but the images where she is wrapped in a little piece of her mother's wedding dress are the ones that hold the sweetest meaning. Little Adelaide, it was truly a joy meeting you.