Christa + Mason | Anniversary Prints

Most projects are special to me in some way. Whether I'm taking photos and a magical moment is captured on camera or I'm designing a wedding suite and a unique aspect of the couple manifests itself onto printed paper, there is always a detail that defines the experience and makes the project distinguished in my mind. This project was no different, though there is something about it that was extra special to me. A couple months ago my friend Christa contacted me because she wanted help creating custom prints to give to her husband Mason for their first wedding anniversary. She wanted one print with their wedding vows and 1-2 prints with the text from a blessing her dad wrote to them and performed at their reception. Christa envisioned these prints as part of a larger collage of framed pictures from their wedding, all serving to help them remember important details from their day and the promises and wishes for their marriage. I really can't imagine a more meaningful project to have the honor of working on and simply being a part of. The three images below are the final custom prints that were created for the Bednarcyzks. Their anniversary was yesterday (Happy anniversary guys!), and I have been so excited to share these with you all. It's hard to make out all the text from the images, so I want to share a few words from their wedding blessing with you:

"There is one more secret to a successful marriage. Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 4:12, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." The secret to having a successful marriage is to first have a relationship with Jesus Christ and then let that relationship be at the center of your relationship as a couple. Having a real and personal relationship with Jesus will help you and enable you to do all these things we have been talking about. Each of you have your own personal relationships with God through Christ. Now as the two of you are becoming one, you will find ways to make Christ Lord in your new relationship of husband and wife. You must find ways to make room for the three of you, keeping the presence of Christ over you, with you and in your midst. When your relationship with Jesus is where it needs to be, your marriage will be stronger and all the rest of your relationships will be better." -Mark Key

Simply typing up Mason & Christa's vows and this wedding blessing from Christa's dad was such a wonderful reminder, as well as an incredible encouragement, to me. I hope those of you reading this post are as blessed by Mark Key's reminder of truth as much as I was when adorning his words with design. Christa, thank you so much for allowing me to play a small role in celebrating your first wedding anniversary. Cheers to many more years of a Christ-centered marriage!