Peoples Family | Reidsville, NC

Happy Friday! It seemed like the weather was finally going to cool off this week, which had me dreaming of all things fall (cooler weather; scarves and sweaters; and of course, the NC State Fair). While I'm definitely excited for fall, I can't say I'm that upset that it's back in the 90s today, since I'm not quite ready for summer to be over. It seems fitting then to share this poolside family photo shoot with you today. The Peoples family is one of my all-time favorite families, and I was super excited when Danielle mentioned doing a shoot with her two boys at the pool. If you're a parent (or a photographer), you how hard it is to get little ones to sit still long enough to take pictures. It's even worse when they are in uncomfortable clothing or in a location that's uninteresting to them. Photographing the boys at the pool was a brilliant solution, and I would highly suggest it for other families (especially on hot summer days!). Their two boys, Parker and Noah, were familiar with this spot (their Aunt's pool), so that made them very comfortable for the shoot. They also LOVE the water, so it made the shoot fun for them. Lastly, the pool setting provided for tons of natural, candid shots of the family having fun and interacting with one another. It makes my job so easy and fun when everyone is able to relax and have a good time. I met the Peoples family through my husband, Landon, because he and Chris went to college together. This shoot was even more special because Landon was able to join us. We were both able to get our Parker & Noah fix in, and then we were able to enjoy lunch with Chris and Danielle after the shoot. It doesn't get much better than quality time with good friends over hot dogs, chips and ice cream. I'm beyond thankful for days like these, which is why I'm hanging on to every bit of summer while it lasts! I hope you all enjoy the moments below.