Midkiff Family | Greensboro, NC

Hello, and happy Friday, friends! It has been an embarrassingly long time since I've blogged, and I wish I could say I had a truly wonderful excuse as to my absence here. To be honest, life just found a way of happening and getting in the way! I found out I was pregnant back in October, and Landon and I could not be more thrilled or thankful. Some of you may remember that we walked through a miscarriage last year (more details here), so as you can imagine, finding out that God blessed us with another chance to become parents was an absolute miracle and astounding answer to prayer. With that being said, my first trimester wasn't the easiest. I took a step back from the busyness of my own business and used the time to rest a little bit more and learn to rejoice in a bit of physical suffering. Soon after that, as they so often do, the holidays rushed upon me, and now I'm sitting on my couch wondering how in the world it's the middle of March! I've picked up the pace slightly since the start of the new year, and I have so many projects I am excited to show you. However, before I jump to those, there are a few shoots I never got around to blogging from 2016. I'm going to try to take a few weeks to share some of my favorites with you, and I'd like to start today with a shoot I did with the Midkiff family in Greensboro. I met Daniel and Tiffany through Mercy Hill Church, and I am absolutely in love with their little girl Adelaide. Adelaide just recently turned one (I'll share her one-year photo shoot on the blog soon!), and she is one of the most beautiful, joyful, and sweet little ladies I know. The images below were taken right around Adelaide's half birthday on a lovely day in the Greensboro Arboretum. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites below!