Christine + Justin | Winston-Salem Engagement

Happy Monday, friends. It's a new week with new mercies, and in that I find great comfort and rest. Thank you to everyone who read and responded to the post I published yesterday. To be honest, I wasn't really sure if I should share about our loss publicly, especially so soon after it occurred. It was pretty burdensome working through my emotions in order to form thoughts and words to share, but God definitely gifted me with courage and helped heal a small piece of my heart through the process. I am overwhelmed by the amount of support we've received, and I genuinely thank you all for your love and prayers for our family. I'm so grateful that Jesus moves towards us in our struggles, and I am continuing to fight to see His goodness in each moment of each new day. One way I see God's goodness so clearly is through the incredible people He's woven into my life. Two of these people are Christine and Justin, who are getting married later this summer! I met Christine and Justin at Mercy Hill Church, and I was honored to take engagement photos for them. As you can see below, both Christine and Justin are drop dead gorgeous people (both inside and out), so they made my job easy. The couple's love for the Lord and love for each other was extremely evident just in the few hours I was able to spend with them on a lovely Friday evening in Winston-Salem, and I am so excited to see all that God has in store for them in marriage. Christine and Justin, you guys are awesome...thanks for letting me capture this special season in your lives! 

Lindsay + Brian | Greensboro Engagement

One of my favorite things so far about being a photographer is the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. When Lindsay reached out to me for an engagement shoot with her fiancé Brian, I was extremely excited to get to know them both. We got together last month at the Arboretum in Greensboro, and the evening couldn't have been more beautiful. I was thankful for both the perfect weather and time to walk and talk with the future Vervynckts. Lindsay and Brian's love for one another was evident as soon as I met them. They were both so easy to work with, and Brian's lighthearted personality definitely made the session fun. When I showed them a sneak peak from our time together, Lindsay posted the picture on her Facebook with the caption:

"I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you."

I found great encouragement through the reminder that love is a more than a feeling or fleeting emotion. Love is a choice that, by grace, can endure through the ages. I feel very blessed to have played a small part in Lindsay and Brian's choosing of one another. Some of my favorite photos from our session are below. Thank you guys for encouraging me, and I'm so excited for your upcoming wedding!

Katharine + Dane | Engagement

I don't know how to begin talking about Katharine and Dane without mentioning how incredibly sweet these two are...and that's an understatement! I met Katharine through Mercy Hill Church, and this past Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting her fiancé Dane. Though it was a bit chilly outside, we were blessed with beautiful light, and we had a wonderful time walking through the Greensboro Arboretum for their engagement shoot.  I loved getting to catch up with Katharine and hear more about her and Dane's story. I was reminded of God's faithfulness when I heard of how He brought these two together. Through gym encounters and mutual friends, He wove these two together in His own perfect timing, and I am so excited for their upcoming marriage. As you can see from the pictures, Katharine and Dane are truly beautiful both inside and out. Their joy is raw and honest, and you can tell that the two fit effortlessly together. I pushed Katharine a little bit when I kept having her snuggle in to Dane. She quickly informed me that physical touch was not her love language, but hey, we got a few laughs and captured many sweet moments out of it! I also about peed my pants when Katherine told me that Anderson Shore is photographing their wedding. Anderson shot our wedding day a little over a year ago, and his work is absolutely incredible (see our wedding photos here!). I'm so grateful that Katharine & Dane trusted me with their engagement photos, and I can't wait to watch God's faithfulness continue to unfold through their story.