Johanna | Senior Portraits

I had a senior portrait session on Monday, and it was absolutely beautiful outside. Landon and I live super close to UNCG's campus, so I actually walked to the session. As I was walking, I was totally awestruck by the weather. The weather isn't something that I dwell upon often. I wake up, figure out what I need to wear, and typically about five minutes later I've twisted my hair into a messy bun and walked out the door. However, there was something inspiring about Monday's sun and the fact that it was so gorgeous the day after Easter. At Mercy Hill we talked about and celebrated the fact that the Spirit raised Jesus to life, and the Spirit who raised Jesus to life will also raise us to life if we believe. Walking to the session on Monday I felt like God was telling me to celebrate again, to celebrate every day. One of my favorite quotes from our Easter sermon was also on my mind:

"Christians, you will never go through the pain of a Friday without the glory of Sunday coming." -Andrew Hopper

I am so thankful for this truth and for a God who not only gives us abundant life but also abundant hope. This hope filled me with joy for the senior portrait session with Johanna. Johanna is a beautiful woman inside and out, and she will be attending Palm Beach Atlantic University for graduate school in the fall. I feel blessed to have gotten time to catch up with her before her new adventure begins, and I am so excited to see how God continues to work through her! Some of my favorites from our time together are below.